Interested in Applying to the BMS PhD Program? These current students break down the process.

It was about a year ago that Cristina Besosa, Mack Bolen, Aleyna Ross, and Ethan Smith applied to UF’s Biomedical Sciences PhD program. All successful in being accepted, in their first year in the program, and focused in the neuroscience concentration, they came together to discuss their experiences and offer advice to those applying to the program this year.

Each student discusses their personal journey from undergrad to the program. It is evident through their stories that one size does not fit all, and there is no one way to be ready for graduate school. Some come directly from undergrad; some take growth years (also known as gap years, but growth year sound so much better); others take advantage of programs such as McNair Scholars to help them on their way.

The quartet also discuss other aspects of the application process such as interviews, whether prior research experience is necessary, application fee waivers, and the personal statement. While these four students all chose to study at UF, they had also applied to other schools as well. This gives them a first-hand, recent experience on how the UF program differs from other programs. For example, they will explain the unique rotation period that UF offers for first year students to help ensure that students are in the best placement for their academic and career needs.

The application review for UF’s BMS program begins November 1, but the deadline for prospective students is December 1.