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Department Of Neuroscience

Interested in Applying to the BMS PhD Program? These current students break down the process. It was about a year ago that Cristina Besosa, Mack Bolen, Aleyna Ross, and Ethan Smith applied to UF’s Biomedical Sciences PhD program. All successful in being accepted, in their first year in the program, and focused in the neuroscience concentration, they came together to discuss their experiences…

CAM and Department of Neuroscience Hosts Neuromatch 4.0 Meetup

For the past 20 months scientists have figured out a way to carry out conferences and listen to speakers virtually. The draw back is that the in-person component that allows for discussion, collaboration and discovery is missing. Neuromatch conference allows a virtual conference, which cuts down on costs, time, and…

MBI Director Dr. Todd Golde discusses dementia

Following Sandra Day O'Connor's announcement of her dementia, and possibly Alzheimer's, diagnosis, Dr. Todd Golde explains a dementia diagnosis, current treatments and his hope for the future.