Research translating basic science discoveries into clinical applications

Approximately one in seven adults over the age of 65 experience moderate to severe cognitive impairments, including problems with memory. These impairments adversely impact the ability of the elderly to remain functionally independent, and also interfere with their health status and quality of life.

Why our research matters

With healthier lifestyles and advances in medical science, the human lifespan has almost doubled in the past century. These improvements in somatic health, however, are currently outpacing our ability to maintain cognitive functioning into advanced ages.

woman presenting at poster exhibition


Patient receiving MRI

Facilities and Resources

The CAM Center operates within UF’s Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute (MBI). On the ground floor of the MBI, CAM Center investigators conduct clinical research studies in newly renovated high-tech labs that include testing rooms for clinical and cognitive assessments, an electrophysiology suite, a transcranial magnetic stimulation lab and new waiting areas for study participants next door to a new Siemens 3T MRI/S state-of-the-art scanner and phlebotomy lab. The MBI further houses CAM Center investigators focused on preclinical discovery research in over 5,000 square feet of dedicated laboratory space, containing the latest equipment for monitoring and interrogating the aged brain.

Published Research

Research Snapshots

Research Snapshots pair an impactful image from work in a researcher’s laboratory, with a brief description of what the image represents and how it has impacted the researcher’s field of study.

colorful image/scan showing the fibers within the brain