CAM Research Day happening May 17

This year’s CAM Research Day is scheduled to take place May 17. Building off the discussion of collaboration started at last year’s Research Day, researchers from the center will be presenting paired talks. The talks will be centered on topics such as spatial navigation and aging, functional networks, VNS to treat cognitive training, and HIV and the aging brain. Researchers from both the human side and the animal side of research will be presenting their work.

In addition Dr. Jen Bizon, director of the McKnight Brain Institute, will be presenting a talk about the future of the MBI. Also, attendees will get the opportunity to hear from Dr. Steven T. DeKosky. After lunch, a judged poster session will take place.

The day will end with a center social at Cypress and Grove. Satchels pizza will be served. Families are invited.

Please click RSVP and to tell us you will be there.