CAM joins BRAIN Center to reach leaderboard of neurotrauma 5K

The Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory and UF’s Brain Injury, Rehab, & Neuroresilience Center teamed up to reach the leaderboard in the 2nd Annual Neurotrauma 5K (3.1 miles) Fun Run/Walk in support of the National Neurotrauma Society’s (NNS) education, advocacy and research initiatives.  This is the first year that UF has joined teams from all over the world in this event.

Participants registered and pledged $25 toward the completely virtual event. Some people participated alone, while others got together with coworkers during the workday and walked/ran around the UF campus.

The NNS Neurotrauma 5K is just one of many annual events that members of CAM take part in dealing with the advocacy of brain health.

Members of team BRAIN/CAM participating in the neurotrauma 5K fun run/walk