CAM and Department of Neuroscience Hosts Neuromatch 4.0 Meetup

For the past 20 months scientists have figured out a way to carry out conferences and listen to speakers virtually. The draw back is that the in-person component that allows for discussion, collaboration and discovery is missing. Neuromatch conference allows a virtual conference, which cuts down on costs, time, and travel, in a pod setting, which allows for interpersonal connections.

Each pod, or meetup, will have local, in-person attendees watch speakers and presentations together. The speakers will all be virtual, allowing for a wider range of expertise from all over the world.¬†According to neuromatch’s website,, “[i]n-person meetups may help increase engagement and reduce Zoom fatigue.¬† They can also make it easier to carry a conference forward: before/after/during, local attendees can gather over food/snacks and continue the discussion.”

The Department of Neuroscience and The Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory are hosting a meetup for neuromatch 4.0, named because it is the fourth conference of its type since March 2020. The meetup will be help at Aloft Hotel Gainesville. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Please visit or click here. Space is limited, so please register by following the link.

The topics, which include any area within computational neuroscience, will be given in two types of talks: traditional talks and flash talks. The traditional talk will consists of a 12-minutes talk followed by a 3-minute Q&A. The flash talks will be 5-minute, pre-recorded talks. This is in addition to full presentations by the keynote speakers. Keynote speakers include: Athena Akram (University College London), Dani Bassett (University of Pennsylvania), Vivek Jayaraman (Janelia Research Campus), Yuki Kamitani (Kyoto University) and Cethan Pandrinth (Georgia Tech/Emory). The conference will have three sessions per day 9 AM – 12 PM; 1 PM – 4 PM; 5 PM- 8 PM EST. All attendees can attend whichever session fits their schedule and interests.

Please click on the PDF below for a copy of the neuromatch agenda:

NMC Agenda _final